Portable Folding MANGO Wood Wine/Champagne Table

Any time of year!


With this custom, quality, Mango wood picnic table, you'll have everything needed to 'style up' your at home, or away, picnic experience. This essential picnic accessory, is designed to hold up to 4 wine/champagne glasses, as well as your bottle safely. The light to carry, portable picnic table, is perfect for keeping your food off the ground & away from insects. The smooth surface can accomodate plates & food up to 11 pounds. 

Sustainability - Why Mango Wood is the Best Choice for Your Leisure Furniture


Grown across the tropics of Australia, Southeast Asia, Mexico & Brazil, our Mango wood had already lived a full life. And as an alternative wood source to traditional furniture materials like Oak & Maple, Mango wood is a perfect choice. 

Rich, dense grain Mango wood, is a durable renewable hardwood. Mango wood is, fundamentally, the by-product of an already thriving industry: Mango fruit. Unlike the big towering Oaks of North America & Europe, that can take up to 100 years to mature, each Mango tree begins life in the plantation, yielding tonnes of fruit over a period of 20 to 30 years. Once it's fruit-bearing years are behind it, it's harvested & a younger tree is planted in its place. Harvesting wood that was previously burnt or left to break down naturally, provides extra income to Mango farmers & wood craftsmen enjoy exploring the artistic opportunities it offers.

Mango wood is naturally beautiful & each piece unique, making it an ideal gift


Also, Mango wood furniture is functional, durable & water resistant. If you live in a dryer or a cold area, our advice is to keep it nourished with a natural wood polish, and other than that, your Mango wood furniture will simply grow more beautiful with age and become a timeless heirloom.

Thank you for choosing the KANGO MANGO Wine/Champagne picnic table. We at HARPEL trust you'll enjoy many, happy memories & fun times on your picnics. Enjoy!

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